Collaboration Cafe hopes to be all over Paris 16-21 september celebrating convergences2015 - our naughty idea is we only need one millennium goal - crearte an investment bank in 10000 youth whose colaborations can most co-produce both millennium goals and regenerate every economy- what's your naughtiest idea for empowering worldwide youth to do more exciting stuff than when man raced to moon in 1960s- come and present it at out collaboration cafe - first sesssion paris tuesday afternoon at a location that will be announced by monday morning a bientot

Inquiries & goodwill multplying ideas for collaboration networking welcome, washington DC bureau usa 301 881 1655

  • JOSBnet help us publish journal of social business - what cases need to be freed so worldwide youth can franchise them with every community enjoying the gain of what they produce as well as what vital (comunity sustaining) solution they serve? 
  • Yunuscity which cities or placs have a case that is worth colaboratively exporting - how can people twin world trades of soltions direct without governments putting borders in the way
  • JobsCompetitions - currently our fav process for forming investment banbk in 10000 youth who can
  • charter  - what's the Entrepreneurial Revolution purpose of each trilliin dollar market - egs healtcare, education, nutrition, bamking, mass media, mobile tech  that 7 billion people need to free so that the market servs the greatest human needs over time- doesnt just extract the most for the biggest
  • NormanMacrae - Unacknowledged Giant library of 40th year of Entrepreneurial Revolution and net generation debates started by my dad at The Economist 1972 -help us find 100 leaders pof 2010s= youth's most productive decade at

Collaboration Cafe is where an entrepreneurial revolutionary pays for a round of coffee for a circle of entrepreneurial revolutionaries; often times another person takes the lead in describing a franchise that is ready for replication, in such events the host asks that only those most interested in this practice focus attend

RSVP - I am happy to host a collab cafe round an emerging job creation franchise or millennium goal open network any time in DC or in these places/dates:
Boston February 22
London February 27 to 29
Dhaka late march
Atlanta April 20-22
more coming soon
also delighted to post similar notices from alumni of collaboration cafe - a process that began when I was an editor of the EU's on Emotional Intelligence and Trust-flow, and our members network was connecting future capitals of Europe with the double joy of collaboration and entrepreneurial zest

MICROguide for collaboration co-hosts 10000 dialogue around the world's number 1 sustainability investment models in communities - regularly updated with your inputs


COLLABORATION KNOWLEDGE CITY (NB please use current connection points washington dc tel 301 881 1655 skype isabellawm )

YunusCity job creation offer also blends with a loose idea (collaboartion knowledge cities linked in by collaboration cafe and other hosting toolkits) that I had been experimenting with since my birth into netizenship in 1995. After my first year on the net I had mapped out entrepreneurs who I would love to have co-worked with around the rest of the world than where I lived. So did they. So there was a need to leverage collaboration possibilities of cities where we lived:

1 unlike countries- no single group governs cities- so citizens are free to make their own collaboration capital plans as entrepreneurail and microeconomic (jon building) as they can bsuiess model

2 I cant meet everyone I would love to work with more tangibly than skype videoing them - but I can sustain hi-trust agents appointed in their cities -and cultures - of residence who check out what else my virtual co-workers want to know to mutiply goodwill with me and vice versa I can check out in cities I frequently populate trust issues that agents ask from around the world

3 YunusCity is also an opportunity for me to start introduce/update the locationsand action projects of some of the most exciting microeconomic collaboration system designers I have networked in the last 16 years and if you are a parent or an uber-networker for investing in youth's sustainability futures, then why not share your maps of who's future capitalism who - you can also see maps I made for my father"for 40 years The Unacknowledged Giant of The Economist" as celebrated at the time of his passing (age 86)


4 the concept of hub interests me immensely - when some big powers tell you banking for the poor doesnt work it's because they havent designed hubs the way that the bangladeshis do- eg yunus's bank is no more a bank than it is a community market space and a knowledge connecting hub -the grameen network's annual doubling of capacity is fast approaching 150,000 hubs of about 60 (once underemployed and undercredited) village mothers connecting knowledge and their local community markets through mobiles; grameen is all three in one :bank-community free market-knowhow network meeting space; any ceo who governs microfinance by old banking criteria not new knowledge hubbing ones is bound to set up something that is likely to crash over time. There is something doubly non-economic in this microworld of C21 where big banking uses very costly mass media to criticise models of microfinance that their own macro professions have tampered uneconomically with -first because as the world since 2008 knows big banks are experts in designing crashing systems of their own; secondly when they ape a bank for the poor they are liable to mix doubly wriong system designs of both big banking and the opposite of community banking demands sustaibale models to be






Inquiries & goodwill multplying ideas for collaboration networking welcome, washington DC bureau usa 301 881 1655
Almost all social economics problems of the world will be addressed through the social business system , Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize, 2006 Acceptance Speech

The challenge is to innovate business models in such vital contexts as health care for the poor, financial services for the poor, information technology for the poor, education and training for the poor, marketing for the poor, renewable energy for the poor..
sample our world citizen guide library: $500 bursaries available for communities with the best social action catalogues to micropublish - RSVP
Autumn 008 Londoners celebrate launch of Yunusdvd10000

 magic moments in the history of cc

Jan 08 filming Dr Yunus in a collaboration cafe on his book launch on Future Capitalism leads to October 2008 launch of Yunusdvd 10000 - a dialogue designed so that youth around the world enjoy demanding more SMBAs than MBAs. 08 also sees the 100th collaboration cafe across cities including Dhaka, Paris, London, New York, Washington DC .. monthly 100 person intercity yunus forum collaborations begin (facebook eg 1)

Oct05 - 30 person cafe in London - invitation come only if there is a sustainability crisis you are on a mission to turn round before 2012; and if you will guide each of us through the network you believe most relevant to responding to that sustainability crisis. This starts up mapping research in which surveys show that only Bangladesh has models that are trusted to collaborate in a whole truth world of microeconomics instead of the lose-lose-lose globalsiation of big gets bigger.

Summer02 - CC begins as a way of sharing practical dialogues across citizen worlds on knowledge people need most to end conflicts/poverty - first network co-sponsor is the simultaneous policy 


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

collaboration dhaka plans for yes we can 09
Dear Mostofa
thanks for your phone conversation at 1.00 am your time
basically I feel we need one of 4 things to have been agreed before the end of next week
1 date of june 23 (or similar date) is confirmed for start of microyouth summit (or Bangla5000 network as per the brief dr yunus gave you in bali) in dhaka hosted for one day as dr yunus special dialogue in dhaka by you on phone with lamiya
2 I get 30 minutes in London to explain to dr yunus how urgent youth and yes we can now is so that he can decide about june 23
3 I make a quick visit to dhaka- any time that dr yunus has a next half hour in dhaka so that this decision is made one way or another
4 I personally give up networking (which may be a good thing) at least until I can see some other yunus group where the core of change banking is openly replicating and youth (especially NW undergraduate 19-21) are wholly celebrated for being in the middle of that core
I understand that yunus or lamiya's team may ask if this topic is so urgent why haven’t you Chris discussed it with dr yunus before ... well I make mistakes but also
... firstly timewise and USA contextwise the way of marketing yunus collaboration brand couldn’t be done through youth and networks until obama was inaugurated; secondly finding (and trying to get trusted)  some youth whose networks are also 10 times more active because of obama's inauguration was needed; third what dr yunus microyouth strategy and rumors of what's possible is about since jan 2008 as we wrere briefed for  4 hours in dhaka is something that for example grameen america leaders (eg vidar) have not been brand-briefed on by yunus and me together -so he is still saying the only way that youth or anyone can start grameen bank branches is coming up with 2 million dollars locally; this is not either the right way to ask 19 year olds to focus their efforts around a collaboration family of microbanks designed by Bangladesh leaders,  nor is it the free marketing point in that if we had a huge wave of youth collaborating around a grameenmicrocredit student bank in DC now that would be worth tens of millons of dollars of media and micro-positive-PR lobbyng in helping obama 's leaders change banking policy and yes we can youth multiplying social business network concepts
I have always tried to tell you that I have very little deep knowledge on micro credit and local networks of ending female poverty, but I have 30 years of experience of how to global brand actions at lowest cost and I know how to research which economic professors or other opinion leaders are )entrepreneurial-revolution) ready to wholly change and which are just image-making or lurking. The trouble is my limited skills depend on ahead-of-time connectivity of information as well as connectivity of grameen's own communications. This isn’t happening in very basic was some of which I have mentioned since our first meeting n jan 08:
eg one subscription newsletter top of every grameen web - had this been done in January 08 the most interactive million yunus connectors would now be connected by whatever speeches (or links to replicable franchises) he wanted to share with them across all cities at the same time. That would have made the learning exchange of an open university of the 10 world-deepest microcredits happen with youth at no cost not needing 0.1 billion dollars from world bank to help stage. That's just one of  5+ missing pieces that yes we can networking needs now which are not yet interconnecting in the master jigsaw of collaborative innovation to race towards poverty museums in any place.
. For the next 4 months of all the different tasks dr yunus does on his world tours connecting actions of youth around real microbanking and thousand of social business listings is most urgent because it will never come again- everything else his representatives do whilst vital isn’t so time sensitive and anyhow depends on youth bending the curve with obama
It could also be mentioned that in America until thy end of bush people had to be very brave indeed to fully represent micro versus macro; whilst this social dynamic has now changed the new problem is that everyone who could had little money and the financial fear for 19-21 year olds already having taken out large student loans needs a new kind of courage to be a first to0 lead microyouthsummit around
Business)  collaboration race ftrst web of 1000 social bsuiensses launched sheraton towers 27 jan 2009 finishing line june 23 -lead tema new york microyouth
Commune) 1000-10000 person summits lead team boston microyouth

Act) 10 protoype usa microbanks for leadership quests -probable lead team DC microyouth
these are just 3 emerging collaboration initiatives in first 2 weeks of discussing what replication ideas youth would like to post in to dhaka by june 23 in social business collaboration entrepreneur competition of what youthmicrosummit can focus on and what big goal Bangladesh-www sets microyouthsummit to connect by 2015

10:02 am est 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

for last minute details on evening cc new york feb 23 please phone peter burgess 917 432 1191

next collaboration cafe on New york feb 23 - details to emerge round peter burgess- optional output one page message to hand to dr yunus on feb 26 in london on next dialogues new yorkers of microbanking want him and berananke to launch

Dr Yunus Comes To Washington video related to this cafe
Within 3 weeks of Obama's Inauguration, Muhammad Yunus met with Bernanke who commi...
no rating 1 day ago 5 views cmacrae no rating
transcript of 1250 george washingtin Uni speech by Dr Yunus that evening
pbs program on the multi-trillion dollar meltdown

ask if your city would like a faciliation guide on banking meltdown collaboration cafes or other hot topics

Feb 08- celebration lunch with entrepreneurial revolutionaries  ...
Help  catalogue 1000 Social Business - Grameen's earliest nutrition social business -20+ years ago exposes the pathetic financial reviews of social buisness 1 2 being a flimsy new idea  
[TRANSLATED] yunusolar1
[TRANSLATED] yunusolar1
Muhammad Yunus on grameen's world leading solar energy social business soon to be a full length speech (feb 26 london geographical society hosted by ashden

By coincidence this youtube posted 5 days ago shows both the segmented stregnths and weaknesses, ops and threats of the grameen america (2 million dollar seed) franchise as far as yes you can networks might appraise it

can you help us find youtubes on the 8 other most different other community banking which  americans (and their life stories   )  on main street need a free choice between  -eg peter burgess suggests old styloe community banking of which wayne in PA is linked as an example

also can you help us hunt out what schools modules on free choice of banking kids in their last year of school experience before they may leave their community hme and have to choose what sort of banking not to get trapped in?

9:26 am est 

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Example: would like to see a social business club flourish in every city


different cities will want a different sort of club with different membership dues, facilities

it is possible that some clubs will be created completely anew, but others will minimise costs either adding on a club to an existing facility or chnaging the focus of a hub or other center that is already operating

in cases of clubs with small revenue turnovers, we can imagine the need for the owners or management team to correctly answer a quiz based on cases of known social businesses or other materials provided by those in bangladesh with many decades experience of social busines modelling; in cases of clubs that go above a certain market size, it will likely be necessary to take an additional certification (typically one of the authorised SMBAs by Dr Yunus)

we want to adapt these rules so that certain goals are achieved:

1 wherever a city has significant Micronetworkers - we need a capacity to train up more SMBAs than MBAs

2 it is expected that much of action learning exercises of social business will have a commons licence - worldwide city clubs of have a right to expel any club that makes use of its materials expensively copyrighted in contrast to what other clubs do

3 social busienss clubs are likely to become colaboration gravities for social actions teams, including those that ultimately help design 7 microsummits going beyond today's on credit to health , media, energy/water/biomass, education, government, professions 2.0

this is version 0 - I am delighted to start Q&A that can help make this concept ready to multiply alongside our other networks by and for those serving the collaboration economy

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My maternal grandad was mentored, one Bar of London qualified barrister to another, by Gandhi for over 25 years in the Mumbai region between 1920 and 1945 ish.

Gandhi's Truth transformation of the British Empire involved the three-in-on system change : to education, to media and to professions. As high court judge for the region ,grandad started by sending Gandhi to jail and ended by helping write up the legalese of India's Independence. This begs the question - which we'd always love to correspond about - where are the social networks for wholeplanet truth today? Can we network weavers co-create enough of them before inconvenient truths be they climate, banking crises , food crises exponentially crash - all over a collapsing world.

Collaboration Cafe began around 2003 not to be any of these networks but to help map where they are at be a gatesway between them finding in-guide networks to outsiders etc

Here's a bit more of our history. If you are a citizen concerned for sustainability of future generations and like the sound of our open cafe hosting network, please do tell us what you'd like to volunteer to host or ask questions.

chris macrae DC region 301 881 1655

1) if it helps as a shared identity we are delighted if anyone debating community-up projects whose knowledge is more open source than closed wants to call an event a collaboration cafe

 2) historically we did start with quite a specific modus operandi; I had been volunteering on the management committee of which surveys what sustanability crises national governments alone will never solve because the issues are sans frontieres, and need long-run compound corrrect decisions not short-term party political ones; having started to have a crisis 20 issues list, we thought we'd be cheeky and invite world opinion leaders on a specific community-up issue passing through london to a cafe where we basically said we cant pay you money like the confernce organiser you have come to speak to but we can search out networks for the 10 people who most desperately want to collaborate around your practices; if you will give us an hour at any time ,we'll get the people there!
that was about 6 years ago, and we soon found that the format was just as interesting if someone local had something deep to share for an hour with about 10 people;
3) over the years we have done about 100 cafes, more of the local sort than the world leader sort!; the collaboration tavern with a bit longer and food and more people seems to be the same genre to me; and we do love knowing that there are hosts in different cities who find the process worth connecting - london , new york and paris are the main places we have hosts to date but in my case the yunus impetus as  someone the collaboration and system changing like I dont expect to see again is a reason where I would dream that we could NOW connect tens if not hundreds of cities informally in cummunity up hosting cafes
please ask questions or correct me- collaboration cafe is not intended to be prescriptive other than expecting to meet community-up people typically tackling issues that need worldwide scaling/replicating solutions